After several weeks 18-24hr fasting I braved a 36 hr fast. All day I felt great – alert and creative. Was busy with work and other chores, then watched a movie and went to bed. Slept really well, woke up only 2 times (my normal night 5 times due to meds that have diuretic effect). I was after really lowering my insulin level as described in Dr. Fung’s book, and last night it was 101 and this morning 128 with no diabetic pills during fasting (usually it is 139-142 taking janumet pills). With several days of 18-24 hr intermittent fasting in January I also lost 9.6lb so far. Loosing weight was not so much a goal but means to lower insulin resistance and may be (it’s a dream) to reverse my diabetes. I feel  better in ways I did not expect – better sleep, need less amount food and eat healthier low carb meals; my skin is less dry and red patches on my face are gone; and I feel more optimistic and happier when I fast.