Here I am today – 30 lb lost to date – and it has been 4 months and 6 days since I have started intermittent fasting and switched to Odd Diet in the process. Schedule that I worked out for myself seems working, I am currently fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (each day a 36 hr fast from dinner of the previous day to breakfast of the day after fasting). Initially I was just sticking to every other day however it was not working well with my work and meetings schedule, the day I get a weekly dose of diabetic meds, etc. AND it felt like punishment on the weekend. At last my own personal fasting schedule evolved, I had to limit certain foods during “feeding days” because I very much like to eat breads and could finish a loaf of brioche in a day and a half.

So, during pandemic we are staying pretty much at home with once a week voyage to the store wearing mask, thow all necessities (and scrumptious morsels I come across in the store) into the cart, bring it all home, put in the fridge and …stay at home next to the fridge the rest of the week. Well, the gardening season helped, I was outside doing a lot digging in the flower beds, cleaning landscaping, moving some plants, putting seedlings in the soil. But I had to create some rules for myself: no snacking (means eating at breakfast, lunch and dinner only), just hydrating with coffee and tea only when I am feeling like going to the kitchen for a slice of sweet bread or pear. A cup of coffee on the patio looking at my beautiful flowers to emerge was quite a reward in itself.

Next step for me: lowering A1c number through further fasting. I am also thinking morning walks when there is nothing else to do in the garden and more of new veg and protein dishes to try out.