When I was diagnosed with diabetes I sat in the car in front of doctor’s office and wept, I knew what this diagnosis meant. My father was diabetic since he was in his late 40’s, most of his life it was undiagnosed, untreated, in his late 50’s he got metformin pills and monthly blood tests at the clinic. He had a stroke at 59, a heart attack next year, and passed away at 62 after a second heart attack. I planned to drop dead in about 8-10 years, so no particular life plans.

Having read about fasting for diabetes type 2 and potentially reversing the condition, getting rid of insulin resistance and meds and live… I found hope. I want to live, I plan for the future, with this new found hope I can do anything! Feeling a little hungry one day at a time is not going to stop me.

I;ve always been overweight. Diagnosed with diabetes about 8 years ago after being pre-diabetic for several years, my a1c was 18 and doctor said “well, you have finally arrived” meaning I cannot go back to being a non-diabetic or pretend I don’t have a health problem. He put me on metformin 500mg twice a day. A year later it became 800mg, then 1000mg and for some time it kept my a1c below 8; a year ago I started gaining more weight and my blood glucose levels went up, my physician prescribed Janumet and, recently, Trulicity injections once a month which brought a1c to 6.0 but then started climbing again. Last reading was 6.2 and I am sure it will not end there.

My current physician kept telling me that loosing 30-40 lb could help and referred me to dietitian and specially designed food programs, but I already knew that diets sorta work but then you gain back even more weight. I was reluctant to engage with yet another dietician telling me how many calories a day I can eat, demonstrate “what portion looks like”, and what foods to avoid. I kept wondering: when we run out of options in pills and other meds – is my doctor going to put me on insulin? I did not want that, I feared that. My doctor knew that I will gain even more weight on insulin, he told me so.

So, what to do? I decided to join with my husband’s “Odd Diet” and research fasting options for diabetics. I was stunned with what I found and it gave me hope.

After several weeks 18-24hr fasting I braved a 36 hr fast. All day I felt great – alert and creative. Was busy with work and other chores, then watched a movie and went to bed. Slept really well, woke up only 2 times (my normal night 5 times due to meds that have diuretic effect). I was after really lowering my insulin level as described in Dr. Fung’s book, and last night it was 101 and this morning 128 with no diabetic pills during fasting (usually it is 139-142 taking janumet pills). With several days of 18-24 hr intermittent fasting in January I also lost 9.6lb so far. Loosing weight was not so much a goal but means to lower insulin resistance and may be (it’s a dream) to reverse my diabetes. I feel  better in ways I did not expect – better sleep, need less amount food and eat healthier low carb meals; my skin is less dry and red patches on my face are gone; and I feel more optimistic and happier when I fast.