I;ve always been overweight. Diagnosed with diabetes about 8 years ago after being pre-diabetic for several years, my a1c was 18 and doctor said “well, you have finally arrived” meaning I cannot go back to being a non-diabetic or pretend I don’t have a health problem. He put me on metformin 500mg twice a day. A year later it became 800mg, then 1000mg and for some time it kept my a1c below 8; a year ago I started gaining more weight and my blood glucose levels went up, my physician prescribed Janumet and, recently, Trulicity injections once a month which brought a1c to 6.0 but then started climbing again. Last reading was 6.2 and I am sure it will not end there.

My current physician kept telling me that loosing 30-40 lb could help and referred me to dietitian and specially designed food programs, but I already knew that diets sorta work but then you gain back even more weight. I was reluctant to engage with yet another dietician telling me how many calories a day I can eat, demonstrate “what portion looks like”, and what foods to avoid. I kept wondering: when we run out of options in pills and other meds – is my doctor going to put me on insulin? I did not want that, I feared that. My doctor knew that I will gain even more weight on insulin, he told me so.

So, what to do? I decided to join with my husband’s “Odd Diet” and research fasting options for diabetics. I was stunned with what I found and it gave me hope.