I am back on track with fasting 2 times a day, only 24 hrs fasts so far but it’s a progress. I was propelled back into fasting by episode of my diabetes drug interaction two weeks ago. Janumet and glipizide caused something that looked like pancreatitis to my physician but blood tests came back clean. Of course, I stopped taking these meds for 5 days till they could see me at the doctor’s office, and while I was waiting for tests I did some fasting and took no meds at all (no diabetic meds, no usual duo of simvastatin and aspirin, no vitamin pills or any supplements). 

I went cold turkey and stopped eating for 24 hrs and taking meds at the same time. When I visited with good doctor, I felt great and blood test showed no liver or pancreas issues.

Trying to control my diabetes with fasting and metformin, no more fancy meds. So far my average BG levels has not changed – no higher and no lower than when I was on janumet.

Turkey day was overcome with cauliflower gratin for me and stuffing for hubby only. Leftover carbs hit the trash on Saturday, and salads are in!