Recently I have noticed that on every fasting day (36 hr fasting) I start feeling cold about 4pm in the afternoon, and at the same time I feel like taking a nap. I assume it is due to change in the way my body is handling lower blood sugar and burning 10 years old fat – I have arrived to the exact body weight I had in 2010. I also noticed my morning BG at the end of fasting day is about 105, and on the morning after fasting day is in 120s (used to be 130s). 

Going forward with fasting and potentially loosing additional pounds over course of weeks and months, I will be going back in time: “this is my weight when I was 15 years younger” and “this is my weight when I was 20 years younger”, and so on. 

Wow! and they say time travel is not possible 🙂