Had another 36 hr fasting day, BG 126 in the morning; I take no pills on a fasting day, but if you think about starting fast consult your doctor first – everyone’s condition is different.

Lost another pound, which is a great incentive to continue the longer fast – I am very glad I stood up to myself at the moment of temptation yesterday. At some point I was tired and felt hungrier than usual in the evening, and was thinking about breaking fast at 24 hrs instead of 36 hrs next morning. My brain was frantic, fear of hunger was there – I had a need to go looking for food which I resisted. I had a cup of tea and went for a walk, it was a little cold for me (I feel extra cold when fasting) and I took a walk around the store promising myself I will only look for new socks. Right. I did end up with a bag of breakfast food planning to make the most of the upcoming breakfast meal. 

Still, telling yourself you can have anything you want tomorrow anyway helps a lot – no feeling of punishment but the anticipation of reward the day after you accomplished your fasting goal. Like they sing: “…The Phantom of the Opera is there, Inside my mind.” Just talk it into waiting a little longer before you eat again.