I’m very excited about the results of the last 10 days, not only I successfully eased back onto 36 hr fasting 3 times a week but also made progress switching to Keto diet. Fasting goes smooth, no particular hunger pains and thought of breakfast next morning keeps me going. Blood glucose levels go down at about 2 pm now (thanks to low carb meals) and I get serious chills for about 2-3 hrs. Apparently, its an indication that my body is switching from carbs as a source of energy to stored fat (see book Life in Fasting Lane by Dr. Jason Fung). I sip hot  bone broth to warm up.

To estimate success, I weigh in before breakfast (after 36 hr fast) at about the same time, and results are amazing. Last week weight was going down 1.5 – 2.0 lb each morning after fast, I can only assume that keto meals on “feeding days” made it possible. I tried several new recipes like steak and cheese stuffed peppers, taco salad on bed of romaine lattice, chicken tights and sun-dried tomato in cream sauce. I try to add green salad or steamed cauliflower to these meals, which makes me feel better – high fat and high protein food is a little heavy for me.

Looking forward to another week of intermittent fasting!