On New Years Eve we’ve received news of a sudden death in the family, my much younger sister died in her sleep from multiple unexplained blood clots. Tragic news sent me reeling, depression set in as I tried to make sense of these events. Nothing else was of any importance in comparison, several months I did no fasting and just drifted..

After several months I gained back 11lb and started thinking about getting back into my fasting routine. Spring sun helped, how do you get back to life after such change? Slowly, with support of family and friends. Taking time in the garden to watch things grow from previously frozen and seemingly lifeless ground. Listening to morning sounds in the wind and flutter of wings. There is death but there is also life.

Doing better – last week 2 days out of 5 I was able to finish my 36 hr periods of fasting. After taking step back I am returning to my routine and continue the fasting that worked for me so well in 2020.