Let me just say that skipping a fasting day is ok, I am the boss of my fasting schedule and can adjust it any way I want. It feels good to have freedom to do what you want like NOT fasting on a Labor Day and partake of all cook-out goods that were grilled, and all side dishes that were sliced, dressed and served for the holiday – this celebration marks the end of Summer. 

At the same time, I miss “morning smiles” and intense enjoyment of food after a fasting day I’ve skipped. Getting used to my new schedule of fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday makes me miss the familiar feeling of well-being, taking a break from digesting and increasing lightness inside my body. Skipping fasting day feels like I have been overeating, I am not sure how I could bear the constant feeling of overeating in the past, my mind set has changed after 8 months of intermittent fasting. After two days of weekend I look forward to Monday fast to balance the eating days.

I wonder what it will feel like during Holiday Season 2020.