What amazes me after a month and a half of intermittent fasting is a steady progress in the weight loss aspect of it. Although my first goal is to reverse the progress of diabetes and other health benefits, losing some weight in the process is an inspiring perk.

I remember all the diets I endured since I was 15, you eat what diet tells you and first couple weeks you lose weight and then the process slows down … and then nothing happens. Dreaded morning, step on a scale after diet torture and no reward. 

Now, the last 3 weeks I was fasting in 36 hrs periods; stepping on a scale morning after was like a miracle – a reward every time, another pound comes off. You have to know what happens during “normal” diet and exercise experience to appreciate how unusual this steady weight loss is. No slow down they call a plateau. Wow! If only I knew this years ago. 

This constant reward makes me look forward to next fasting day, I no longer fear feeling hungry – hunger is my dear friend.