Having to stay home most of the time to avoid covid-19 infection had an unexpected impact on my fasting routine. 

First – I do not move as much, trying to come up with more activities than a 30 min spin on an air bike. Walking dog in the neighborhood weather permitting, right after we had a nice week of 60s and even 70s in early March it became cold again, So, I am doing more house work like mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing just to get off the chair for more physical activity. Considering game console with wii extensions for exercise, or online instructions for yoga or pilates.

Second – being in constant proximity to kitchen has its tall, I started snacking again. A cup of tea with cream cheese on my toast; an orange followed by slice of cheese; a dark chocolate truffle because I gotta have one and cannot get my mind off it.

Not that I gained back weight – no, but good effects of fasting day are followed buy not so good habits of non-fasting days, and I loose much less now (like only 0.2-0.4lb each time instead of a pound or more). My goal is to reach turning point when I can reduce number of medications I am taking for diabetes or reach condition when I may not need them at all.

So, going forward I will be aware of needing to control snacking and follow more closely Dr. Jason Fung’s diet recommendations on non-fasting days, and especially NOT eating when not hungry.